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SEO and Paid Ad Consulting and Management 

About Us

With over 15 years of experience in Paid Ad Management and SEO, we stay focused on what we do best and stay in our Fairway. We don’t spread ourselves too thin, we don’t over extend our commitments and we do this for you.  We’re damn good at SEO and Paid Ad Management and that’s all we focus on.

SEO in South Dakota

(Zach Dosch – Owner)


Dating back to 2004, we were crunching spreadsheets in Google Adwords, keyword stuffing every website page (when it was how SEO worked) and killing it before most knew what it was.  Fast forward nearly 20 years SEO is so much more than just creative keywords used over and over on each page and Paid Ads are beautiful dynamic ads . With up to the minute reporting, realizing KPIs, daily monitoring of your online competitors, adjusting strategies, chasing a better MER, increasing ROAS, and most importantly creating more sales for your business.

Paid Ad Management

 Let us take our knowledge and increase your sales. We focus on high MER and ROAS! We’ve managed accounts ranging from $500/month to over $75,000/month with results peaking over 50 ROAS on campaigns! That means for every $1 in ad spend we saw over $50 in revenue. From just 5 keywords to thousands. We take your Paid Ad budget and do everything to get you the best ROI possible. Minimizing your CPC (Cost Per Click) to get the most clicks while staying in the best possible position. Fun fact: sometimes being in the #1 position isn’t necessarily always the best position as many online consumers are price comparison savvy. Reducing your position can sometimes provide the same exposure and frequency while reducing your cost per click tremendously.

Google and Bing Ads

Search Engine advertising is VERY affective for products to services. Keywords, phrases, broad search, specific, to retargeting.

Meta Ads

Social Ads on Meta require testing campaigns and not only targeting your perfect customer but the customer that makes a purchase. 

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn isn’t only a powerful platform to connect with industry professionals but also a great place for another targeted touch point to your product or service!

Other Ad Platforms

Online paid ads don’t stop with the major platforms. There are dozens of other platforms such as: Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and many other PPC platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Every business, company, and budding entrepreneur wants to be on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. But the big question is, HOW?! We have the knowledge to get this done for you! SEO is NEVER guaranteed… but our results don’t lie! Don’t get over charged by having an agency bill you for Project Management, SEO Management, Consultant Meetings, “brainstorming”, creating whiteboards and more! We’ve seen it all and that does not fit our business model. We only bill for the time we spend actually performing SEO Services for you.

SEO, the process of optimizing individual pages on a website to rank well in organic (non-paid) search results for specific keyword search terms! Unlike paid advertising, SEO is a long term strategy that works very well when implement correctly. Results are never instant like paid advertising but with consistent efforts, your long term rankings will pay dividends!

Whether you’re a new business in a small town, down South or a well established 20 year old business located in Seattle. We take our SEO experience and go further and farther to ensure you have the best possibly chance of being on the first page of Google! SEO is not a guaranteed strategy to be #1 on Google but our years of experience, knowledge, and continuing education – we have the solutions for you.

A few of our Clients

We’ve rebranded throughout the years but all clients have been consulted by Zach Dosch